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  • Tatjana

    As Office Manager and Resource Manager Tatjana is in charge of tasks like our payroll, paying vendors, preparing reports on Accounts Receivables, Expenses and some higher-level profitability calculations. Tatjana has a university degree in Modern Chinese Studies along with Business Administration from the University of Cologne, which might explain her marked preference for chinese food and traveling to Asia. Tatjana loves building furniture and enjoys strolling around in the city looking for new street art in her spare time.

  • Jakob

    Jakob is the interface guy, who enjoys closely examining everything that happens between the user and the web app. Be it conceptual interface & interaction design, practical frontend web development, or analysis of ways to improve conversion and user experience. He earned a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan (USA) in 2009 and has been very involved in all things web, open source and usability ever since starting to work at a local village internet agency in 2001.

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  • Payango

  • Lars

    Lars fell in love with web development round about the year 2000. His journey took him from Perl over PHP to finally Ruby and Rails in 2005. He's famous for his addiction to payment gateways, database stuff and servers. In private Lars shares an extraordinary interest for climbing and cooking. Last but not least he also has an academic background as Master of Science with focus on Semantic Web Technologies.

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  • RT @anked: Die krasseste erklärung zu "warum mordeten nazis in KZs?" gibts bei @AfDBerlin. #weiss...


  • DaWanda

  • Maximilian

    Due to the lack of games for Mac (back in the 90s), Max explored other means of using his computer and discovered the world of web development. Being stuck with PHP for too long, in 2005 he instantly fell in love with Ruby on Rails and never looked back.

  • Philipp

    Frontend Fiend and Javascript Jockey

  • Stephan

    Stephan has been in love with the web since 2000, when he took his first steps with Flash to spice up websites with some serious interactivity. His study in media technology (Medieninformatik) did not only earn him a Master of Science, but also introduced him to the lovely world of Ruby on Rails. He loves to challenge common interaction solutions and to optimise them if need be. Besides that, he is into all kinds of sports like football, tennis, climbing and running.

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