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Campsite Development – Railslove CTO Freddy on tour. A life-work balance adventure

I have never really stuck to my place of work. Since I started as an intern at Railslove I have lived in: Cologne, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Yogyakarta, Cologne, and Bolzano – so I have a good history of experiencing remote work under the most diverse conditions. This made me think… how about taking this to the extreme? To live in a camper and simply work from wherever I currently am? It had been in the back of my mind for years, but it never made sense where I was at in life – maybe because of family, university, or whatever.

But then two things happened. And both are related to big C. 

First, I started getting into outdoor climbing because I couldn’t go to bouldering gyms anymore. Second, I dropped out of my master’s and moved back in with my parents because of the lockdown. Now this was a situation I dreaded – living with my parents is fine, we get along quite well, but not without at least a plan for the future. 

And I had none. I could have gone anywhere, but I really had nothing strongly pulling me in any direction. And then also having some savings from living back at my parents it came to me: A camper! It just fit my living situation: All I wanted to do was be in nature, go climbing, and not be bound to any place in particular.

I made the decision around new Year 2020/ 2021, but because of Corona I only got on the road about two weeks ago. Now I am sitting in my hammock, somewhere not too far from Omiš.

So what is it like to work while being on the road?

How are roadside meetings, the deep-work-hammock, and driving around desperately trying to find 4g for this customer call that starts in 5 minutes? Will it all be worth it, is this the freedom I am looking for or will I end up feeling lonely on the road? Follow me and we will find out together!

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