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The Digital Nomad’s Toolkit for Staying Productive

The Essentials

Laptop. Obviously. And now for something controversial. I think it should be a Macbook, specifically one of the new M1s (perhaps not the max). I had a Linux laptop for the past 5 years or so, and I was very happy with it. And since it is Linux, I am sure the next part is just my fault but: It just was not that efficient. Constantly running hot and with a battery life of just under 3 hours (including ms teams video calls – those suck a lot on Linux) it just was not that suitable for camper life. The battery of the new Macbooks easily lasts a whole day so I can just pack it in the morning in case I am working where I don’t have electricity.

Internet. This is actually a lot easier than I imagined: Portable LTE to WiFi hotspots can be as small as a wallet, including a battery that lasts the entire day. And the internet is often a lot better than „fiber“ in Germany.

Phone. For many calls, I simply do not need my laptop, and using my phone instead saves me valuable battery life and is super portable.

Headphones. I already switched from Linux to a Macbook and from android to iPhone this year, of course, I also needed the airpods pro. And they are amazing, especially the new noise isolation mode makes it (almost) bearable to have meetings while driving, loud a.f. diesel engine from 1995 considered.

Hammock. I got back problems, and usually prefer standing desks. But: A hammock actually works fantastic for me, I can lay in it all day without any back complaints. And I can set up my workspace basically wherever I am, immediately. Of course, it is getting a little cold this time of the year…


Railslove fundamentally is an agency. That means I have a lot of video calls with customers. At first, I thought this would be a problem, and I still feel like I have to „prove“ myself more than if I were sitting in an office. But in fact, I haven’t received any negative feedback yet! Many are excited and curious, or even envious – you have to learn to deal with that too. The biggest setback was when my „roommate“ was criticised by a colleague for appearing too unprofessional by laying in a hammock during a meeting. He kept doing it anyway and received no further complaints. As long as it’s obvious that I can work productively, I’m fine. The feeling of freedom and the trust that is given motivates one to deliver good work every day.

Story: Freddy Bonfanti

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