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Railslove readings #5

We gathered the best articles again: Read what our team is reading to improve their skills, discover new tools or technologies and because they love the things they do. Serious insights into our industry and into our team.

Here’s what you should read:

I’m an idiot. You’re an idiot. Is Lars one, too for finding this talk? I guess…Why is that? See (or read, your choice) for yourself:

RWDevCon 2017 Inspiration Talk: I’m an Idiot by Richard Turton

Hello. My name’s Rich, and I’m an idiot.
“Surely not,” you’re thinking. “I haven’t come all this way to listen to an idiot speak.” I’m afraid you have, and today I want to tell you three things: That I am an idiot, that maybe you’re an idiot, and how to idiot.

Scrum meets UX. How to include UX into your Scrum processes for a real winner’s combination, provided by Tim:

UX in the Scrum Team – Can it become love?

Without surprise Scrum is also our process of choice at our office. The Problem was that we never really figured out a good way to include UX in the scrum team. Until now!

Marco wants you to be a little less biased. It’s not about your solution, it’s about the problem:

Love the Problem, Not Your Solution

As you’ll see in this post, the “Innovator Bias” is a sneaky troll — rearing it’s ugly head, not just during ideation, but throughout the innovation lifecycle, often when you least expect it. At each step, some of the most fundamental truths come from a deep understanding of problems before solutions.

This one is something to watch and not something to read. Still good: The Duane Peters Story, recommended by Liane who thinks of him as a source of real inspiration. Hope you like skateboards and punk rock! I do 🙂

WHO CARES – The Duane Peters Story

Johannes loves hardware and infrastructure. He found the following piece providing a peek behind the scene of this field:

Behind the scene of a major infrastructure company

Online has a very specific and unsung job.
Behind the incredible ease and speed you feel when requesting a physical or virtual server in a few clics, nothing is virtual.

We’ve been building web products and software solutions for over ten years; some of us for much longer. Our developers, designers, marketers or strategists – each individual needs to follow the developments in their field in order to not be just average but a step ahead. And because we love what we do, we want to share what we are reading when we’re not in the office.

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