Railslove readings #5

Here's what you should read:

I'm an idiot. You're an idiot. Is Lars one, too for finding this talk? I guess...Why is that? See (or read, your choice) for yourself:

Hello. My name’s Rich, and I’m an idiot. “Surely not,” you’re thinking. “I haven’t come all this way to listen to an idiot speak.” I’m afraid you have, and today I want to tell you three things: That I am an idiot, that maybe you’re an idiot, and how to idiot.

Scrum meets UX. How to include UX into your Scrum processes for a real winner's combination, provided by Tim:

UX in the Scrum Team – Can it become love?
Without surprise Scrum is also our process of choice at our office. The Problem was that we never really figured out a good way to include UX in the scrum team. Until now!

Marco wants you to be a little less biased. It's not about your solution, it's about the problem:

Love the Problem, Not Your Solution
As you’ll see in this post, the “Innovator Bias” is a sneaky troll — rearing it’s ugly head, not just during ideation, but throughout the innovation lifecycle, often when you least expect it. At each step, some of the most fundamental truths come from a deep understanding of problems before solutions.

This one is something to watch and not something to read. Still good: The Duane Peters Story, recommended by Liane who thinks of him as a source of real inspiration. Hope you like skateboards and punk rock! I do :)

WHO CARES - The Duane Peters Story

Johannes loves hardware and infrastructure. He found the following piece providing a peek behind the scene of this field:

Behind the scene of a major infrastructure company
Online has a very specific and unsung job. Behind the incredible ease and speed you feel when requesting a physical or virtual server in a few clics, nothing is virtual.

We've been building web products and software solutions for over ten years; some of us for much longer. Our developers, designers, marketers or strategists – each individual needs to follow the developments in their field in order to not be just average but a step ahead. And because we love what we do, we want to share what we are reading when we're not in the office.

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