Railslove readings #4

We've been building web products and software solutions for over ten years; some of us for much longer. Our developers, designers, marketers or strategists – every individual needs to follow the developments in their field in order to not be just average but a step ahead. And because we love what we do, we want to share what we are reading when we're not in the office.

Here's what you should read:

Are you going to give up building native apps? Well, Marco is at least thinking about it:

Native Apps are Doomed
From now on, I won’t be building any more native apps. All my apps going forward will be progressive web apps. Progressive web apps are web applications which are designed to work even more seamlessly on mobile devices than native mobile apps.

Less reading, more watching. Marco loved this talk from RailsConf 2017:

Outside the (Web) Box: Using Ruby for Other Protocols
Ruby on Rails is a widely used web framework, using HTTP to serve users web pages and store data to databases. But what about serving different types of clients? Is it possible to integrate Rails with other protocol types to talk to other machines? Is it efficient? How would it work?

Johannes found this article on Docker snoozing away on AWS. zzzzZZZzzzZzZzzz...:

Docker operations slowing down on AWS (this time it’s not DNS)
I’m CC’d on mails when things get slow, but never when things work as expected or are fast…oh well. Like an umpire in baseball, if we are doing our jobs, we are invisible.

What's segregated witness, you're asking? Bumi dug out this infographic for you. Everyone loves a nice infographic!

What is SegWit (Segregated Witness)? – Infographic
What? Are you expecting a teaser text for an infographic? Duh! Just look at it.

Go spend some money, Stephan says. But it's money well spent instead of Money? Well, spend...

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products is a guide to building habit-forming technology. Written for product managers, designers, marketers, and startup founders.

Chris liked this article that says kindness is underrated. Really? F&%k this s#?t.

Kindness is Underrated
I’ve long suspected that Linus’ view of things is a dominant one in the technology industry. There’s a chorus of blunt criticism (“that sucks!”, “you’re doing it wrong!”, “only an idiot would…”) that ranges from Hacker News comment threads, to conversations at the bar, to technical meetings in more formal work settings.

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