Railslove meets MoneyConf

We were invited to participate in the first MoneyConf 2015 in Belfast. MoneyConf is the first FinTech conference organized by the people behind Web Summit in Dublin.

The event took place in the same place as the Titanic was built in 1912. For the pre conference speaker's dinner we even were invited to the original ship that brought the passengers onto the titanic - the SS Nomadic. By the way: the first thing you learn from evey cab driver in Belfast: "The Titanic was fine until they put that englishman in charge" :)

So MoneyConf did a remarkable job to gather a great group of leaders in the FinTech space from around the world. The talks on the first day focussed on the role of Big Data and the second day mostly dealt with Bitcoin and Block chain technology. You could feel the excitement of the industry and a lot of inspiration.
Overall, the MoneyConf journey was a big success and the next one in 2016 is already announced.

See you next year in Belfast.

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