Warum Railslove?

Coworking Cologne 2.0

Coworking has become a known format of teams and individuals working together in a shared space. Driven by its interdisciplinary nature, the mix of people from different professions can enable powerful networking opportunities and open up new ways of acquiring clients or projects. That's why we engaged in coworking right from our start(up).


When we first started Coworking Cologne (CoWoCo) it was a rather uncommon concept. Back in 2010 we were in need of an office space, yet the idea of having a classic office all to ourselves repelled us. That’s when we decided to join forces with others to open the first coworking space in cologne administered by the Coworking Cologne Society.

In 2013 we moved from our first location at the Gasmotorenfabrik Deutz to our current office. The need for more office space made it necessary to move to a new location where we had two separate offices – one dedicated to Railslove and one for the coworkers. Some coworkers followed us, some even work in our current office up to this very day.

At the end of 2015 we had to close the CoWoCo – though only for a brief time – since we needed all the space ourselves. More people working at Railslove made this step inevitable, although we were more than a bit sad about closing this chapter. As Cologne offers a variety of coworking spaces by now, we didn’t think about moving to another office again to be able to still cater the need for more coworking opportunities.

Due to a lucky fortune, Railslove was able to reintroduce Coworking Cologne shortly after. Just steps away from the current Railslove office, housed in the former Café Walter, the new CoWoCo openend in March 2016.

The Café is available for coworkers Mondays through Thursdays; Fridays and on the weekends, the café still serves coffee, cakes and all the goodness.

Not your regular coworking space

The majority of Cologne’s coworking spaces are designed foremost to house many coworkers and smaller startups. The CoWoCo, however, is rather small, making the working experience more private. While the size actually fosters private contact and professional exchange with your fellow coworkers, we do lack big meeting rooms and cannot host big teams.

But more importantly, we have without a doubt the best espresso machine ever to be seen in a coworking space. Our hostess also provides for fresh cakes and cold drinks – all for special discounted rates for all coworkers.

Coworking Cologne

BYOL – Bring your own laptop

As you can guess by now, the look and feel of our shared office isn’t quite what you would expect from your regular coworking space. You will be working in a friendly atmosphere, probably consume an extra cup of delicious coffee and find yourself engaged in a passionate discussion about your business or the web scene in Cologne one time or another. You will not have any fancy working equipment provided, a box office or your fixed-line telephone next to you. But, hello, 1980 is calling – they want their working conditions back…

If you need a space to work for a single day once in a while just come over, sit down, work and enjoy. Put some euros into the piggy bank and you are done. No need for signups, invoices, and such. If you like it, come back. If you don’t, come back sometime later for a chat and a coffee and tell us why it wasn’t for you.


Your working space includes free internet, a cozy atmosphere and, if you want, good music (some limitations apply). Prices are as follows:

  • Daily Rate: 15€
  • Monthly Rate: 150€
  • no strings attached

Want to give it a shot (of Espresso)? Contact us anytime or just drop by any Monday through Thursday and have a free first day. Let’s get to know each other!

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