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Beyond Tellerrand – May 2016

2011 was my first year at beyond tellerrand. Ever since, I look forward to the next year from the moment the last talk ends.

Beyond Tellerrand is for sure the most familiar and friendly event for people interested in design and tech I’ve ever been to. Marc Thiele, the organizer – or let’s say father – of the conference does an amazing job there. Thank you for that.

The opening titles 2016 – great as every year <3

This year four Railslovers, Isa, Tatjana, Stephan and I, went all the way to Dusseldorf for two days of inspiration. Now I must admit that it wasn’t the best and most inspiring btconf I’ve ever been to. Usually at the end of a long bt conference day I step out of the (beautiful!) venue filled up with inspiration and ideas and stuff I want to try out immediately; this was different this year.
I did miss a few more talks that really were „beyond tellerrand“ and give me new insights and inspiration. But hey, that’s complaining on a very high level.

You can watch the talks on Vimeo. (Still a few to come … Stay tuned, I’m sure it won’t take long.) Here’s the link: Beyond Tellerrand on Vimeo

I recommend you to watch these talks:

Time and Creativity by Christopher Murphy.

He gave me the right motivation to not stop procrastinating – yeah. If you do know this …

… you definitely have to watch the talk 🙂

Unreal.js by Michael Chang.

Michael took us on a journey explaining how he build a game in WebGL, which led to using Javascript to interface with Unreal Engine. I really enjoyed his visuals, his inspirations and his story.

Cracking the Code by David Jonathan Ross.

I loved his talk. David Jonathan Ross gave us a great lesson on the history of programming fonts and coding typography before he showed us his wonderful and great designed font system especially for code: „Input“. It offers both monospaced and proportional fonts, all with a large range of widths, weights, and styles for richer code formatting.

When I came home I immediately had to try it. Here’s the result:
Input on Atom

If you want your editor to look as good as mine customize and download the fonts here: http://input.fontbureau.com/info

If you use Atom as an editor you can use and individualize my stylesheet if you want to:

Just paste it into the Atom stylesheet:

Atom Stylesheet

And of course do not miss to watch the whole talk:

How to get the public to fund your daft ideas by Mr. Bingo.

THAT WAS JUST AWESOME. Mr. Bingo, puh, don’t know what to say. Maybe:

Do everyone a favor and fuck off.

(Watch the talk and you’ll know what I mean! He was just amazing.)
Don’t know Mr. Bingo yet? Here we go: Google Image Search for Mr. Bingo

Mr. Bingo, there’s not many people out there I’d love to get hate mail from!

Hope his talk will be up soon. Cause you really need to watch the video of his talk show!

Here’s a teaser:

See you next year

Even though the event didn’t quite catch me the way it did the last five years: it’s still a conference worth visiting. The atmosphere, the people, the venue, the organizer, the helpers are all just great. Thanks, Marc!


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