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The Sustainable Off-Site Meeting (SOS) is a meeting for web professionals to discuss topics related to the “sustainable web”.

The story

In 2019, things were moving: global climate protests, #fridaysforfuture, and everyone taking to the streets with students. SUV shame, flight shame, meat shame. Our society is changing and our resource-hungry lifestyles are forcing us too. We are questioning everything we deal with on a daily basis: Consumption, production and logistics, our mobility, the organization of the city we live in – and of course the web we work with. For which we work. Because of which we only work at all. We are web professionals, entrepreneurs, investors. What does 2019 actually mean for us? And what exactly is our professional contribution to a more sustainable use of the world’s resources? What should we use our skills and powers for, and what role does the web play in this? When will the next Meetup take place?

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Our tasks

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