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Learning to program in a playful way

The story

Our heart beats for digitalization. That’s why we are happy – together with the mouse – to introduce children to coding with music. For the Digitaltag on 18.06.21 we added new music blocks to the WDR project Programming with the Mouse and produced tutorials in which children learn about the programming language Scratch from the first beat block to a sound game – and make mouse, duck and elephant rock.

With Programming with the Mouse, children from elementary school onwards learn programming through play. The program is based on Scratch. Children are first guided through several learning games. There they are introduced to variables, loops and branching, for example. Afterwards, they can design their own games / programs. Railslove has taken over operations/maintenance/development for the project in 2019.

The code is open source: programming with the mouse at Github.

Our tasks

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Our tasks

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