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...of 18 friendly developers and designers. and have in our comfortably furnished office in the heart of the Cologne Südstadt still two free desks, for which we have more developers and designers this year to find. Would you like to?

We have clients from the startup area, but also from established companies and offer the complete product development spectrum to: from business case and user research, from design and concept to full-stack development. We make every effort to choose our customers carefully and make sense, Sustainability and sympathy over purely financial factors.


The most important thing is that you share our passion for web products and personal development. You don't have to be a pro at our core tech stack (see below), but you shouldn't be afraid of touching with new technologies and be a fast learner. If you are at the beginning of your career, you should have at least first practical experience with web technologies and have "shipped" something before (a hobby project is perfectly sufficient).

Our core tech stack be


What we appreciate about working at Railslove is that we have a lot of freedom and have the confidence to decide independently how we can best Being able to work (e.g. keywords: flexible working hours, home office). We are a team of very passionate Techies, who are constantly want to develop further and learn from each other. build products for the web is more than "just any job" for us. In order to be able to continuously improve and to create a working atmosphere in which one would like to work, has tolerance for "just try it out" and "learn from mistakes" with us a very high priority.

Railslove offers above average opportunities to learn a lot in a short time and to develop personally (e.g. through interdisciplinary work from the very beginning and through our internal mentoring program). Not only "acquire knowledge" but also "Imparting knowledge" is close to our hearts, which is reflected in our Engagements in the Cologne Tech Community (e.g. React Cologne, Cologne.rb, React Barcamp, DevHouse Friday, uXchange, Railsgirls, etc.) and in various open source projects.

Wir sind eine Gruppe von Freunden, die das Glück hat zusammen an spannenden Projekten arbeiten zu dürfen, die wir uns selbst aussuchen und gemeinsam formen. Eigenverantwortlichkeit und Gestaltungswille sind dabei nicht nur hilfreich, sondern Voraussetzung. Denn Arbeit ist für uns mehr als “9-to-5 Aufgaben erledigen halt”. Es ist das Streben nach persönlicher Erfüllung, das Mitgestalten des eigenen Arbeitskontextes, unserer Projekte, unserer Produkte. Bei Railslove bist Du nicht einfach Entwickler:in oder Designer:in und arbeitest nicht mit oder gar für Railslove, Du arbeitest mit uns allen an Railslove. Es mag vielleicht abgedroschen klingen, doch ist es wahr: Railslove ist, was Du draus machst.

Bei der Auswahl unserer Projekte sind wir anspruchsvoll, bei der Führung unseres Teams und Unternehmens offen und agil. Wir suchen Menschen, die Bock haben, Teil eines Produktentwicklungsteams zu sein, das für das Gute im Web an den Start geht.

Wir sind neugierig auf neue Menschen. Wonach strebst Du? Was treibt dich an? Was möchtest Du mitgestalten?

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