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FinTech refers to modern technologies for enabling or providing financial services on the web. These include technologies in the fields of e-commerce, mobile payment, crowd lending and crowd investing, business intelligence or services around cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Railslove has supported and driven the development of various FinTech software solutions over the past years. We offer comprehensive implementations and advise both on pure FinTech projects and on the integration and automation in existing systems. We combine comprehensive FinTech know-how with modern software development.

As software architects, we advise companies on the development of FinTech applications and the optimization of existing financial processes.

FinTech Consulting

Whether it’s about a new development or optimization of existing systems – we are happy to bring our knowledge and experience to your FinTech project. Our work does not end with consulting: With our team of web developers and user experience experts we also accompany the entire application development. With passion and love – and Ruby on Rails.

Our Solutions

Railslove offers various software solutions concerning EBICS and SEPA to enable the communication of own systems with banks and to push the development of innovative FinTech products.

Our tools offer among others:

  • Retrieving account statements and financial information in MT940 and CAMT format
  • Transmitting direct debits (CORE, COR1 or B2B)
  • Transmitting bank transfers (pain.001)
  • Plausibility check and conversion of IBAN and BIC

All solutions are fully SEPA-compatible and support all banks that have implemented EBICS as well as all common file formats for retrieving account transactions such as MT940 and CAMT-XML.

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Our ebics box is a complete solution for easy integration of financial transactions into existing systems. All order types are supported. The ebics box is multi-bank capable and supports all banks that offer EBICS access.

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A platform independent EBICS command line interface for communication with financial institutions.

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BankLZ is a web service with a variety of helpful FinTech tools: SEPA IBAN converter, BIC/BLZ query, MT940 parser, etc.

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Invoices sent via PAYME can be paid by direct debit with just a few clicks.

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Open Source Solutions

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CMXL is a friendly and extendible SWIFT MT940 bank statement file parser that helps you extract data from bank statement files.

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EPICS is a ruby implementation of the EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard).

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Allows you to easily test a German bank code number for giropay support.

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A wrapper for ibanrechner.de API. It allows converting bank account data from legacy syntax to new SEPA IBAN/BIC.

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An API wrapper to interact with the Lipisha API. Lipisha is an East-African payment service provider for mobile payments.

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Checks capabilities of European payment providers who participate in the SEPA system.

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