Warum Railslove?
Kultur und Team​

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Sustainability & Diversity & Privacy

We take responsibility for the things we develop. We use best practices to ensure that our solutions can be used in the long term and can be maintained over the long term. We look for lean and pragmatic solutions, even for complex problems.
Diversity in the team is important to us. Because this diversity ensures that we avoid blind spots in our thinking and our code.
Data economy and the careful handling of personal and business-critical data is particularly important to us. We strive to develop solutions that only collect the data that are necessary to achieve the product goal.

Product focus and pragmatism

Interdisciplinarity & software as a tool

We always focus on the end user. In the end, all of our decisions have only one rating: How do we deliver the best possible product to the user as early as possible. For this we not only take part in the entire process (from the product concept to design to quality assurance after delivery) but also help to shape it. We are familiar with certain software tools and methods, but like to challenge them if it is good for the product.

Team building at the customer

Shaping the process, passion & embedding it in the team

In addition to software development, we take responsibility for the product, team and processes: With a lot of experience, we contribute to the establishment and development of (product) teams. In addition, it is important for us to get involved in the design of agile processes. In order to find good solutions and to understand the problems to be solved well, we are committed to the requirements analysis. We want to go to work with fun and passion – there is more to it than just development.

Best Practices

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In order to ensure the high quality of our applications right from the start, we apply a number of quality assurance measures: These include pair programming, code reviews as well as automated tests. In combination with automated deployments, we gain confidence in our work and the associated processes early on and roll out new features quickly on top of that.

Our heart beats for Ruby on Rails, but not only: We also love JavaScript / Typescript and the associated frameworks such as React / React Native and Vue


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