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German Sports Badge
The Examination Module

How we make it easier for examiners to take the sports badge

Our tasks

User Research, design, development



The Challenge

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) wanted to make it easier for the examiners of the sports badge to approve the badge. For this purpose Railslove developed a first solution already in 2014. Over the years the number of users has been growing steadily and this showed us that the time has come for a new edition of the examiner module!


Starting point: User Research

Who are the users? How do they work with the examiner module? And what are their needs and wishes? All these things had to be found out. Therefore, based on an analysis of the website data, we developed a questionnaire and addressed sports teachers to ask them.


Automatic evaluation of the performances

The examiner module takes over the calculation work for the examiner. It evaluates all performances and calculates whether the participants ultimately won bronze, silver or even gold.


Facilitated acceptance of sports performance

A school class requires a lot of data to be entered. Thus, we have developed a design that makes this whole process more efficient. Since the performance requirements differ in the different age groups, these are displayed individually for each participant. In addition, examiners can enter large data sets collectively.



One of the challenges of this project was the integration of the new examiner module into the 6 year old codebase. Due to the nested data structure, we decided to use GraphQL for communication between the backend and the new React-based single page app.

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