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Web Applications and Digital Products

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User Experience and
User Interface Design

Design is our strategic tool. Conception, development, evaluation - with our interdisciplinary team we accompany the entire development process of new products.

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Software Architecture and Web Development

You say Rails, we say Love. With you we start fresh from scratch or tackle grown legacy landscapes. Browser-based or native app? With us you get both from one source.

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This is what we do

Case Studies & Projects

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This is how we work

Our Work Process

With our interdisciplinary team of designers and developers we can support the entire development process. This means that we not only create tailor-made product concepts and develop designs - we also implement them, build new teams, introduce sustainable processes and pass on knowledge.

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Our Topic Areas

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We love to focus our strengths and abilities on projects that have a sustainable use of our planet‘s resources in mind.

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We offer comprehensive implementations and advise both on pure FinTech projects as well as on the integration and automation in existing systems.

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Tech Due Diligence

Are you planning to invest in a start-up? To ensure that your investment is completely secure, we will carry out a technical due diligence for you.

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We know the problems that lead to legacy code and are happy to help you work with it more effectively and securely.

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